Fresh French Veg

I would like to thank the readers of this site for their positive feedback.  Many of you emailed me to say how much you liked the idea of preserving my grandmother’s recipes.  Even more so, you enjoyed when I converted some of those recipes to healthier versions or had vegetarian options.

As some of you know, I write the Food and Travel column for Search Magazine.  More and more, I find in my travels that fresh, vegetarian dishes are becoming more and more popular in the restaurant world.  Unfortunately, there are few resources available for home cooks.  Several vegetarians have written me to say that they feel destined to each salad or prepackaged meals most week nights.  Hence, I will be adding a Fresh, French Veg section to this site.  Look for new twists on traditional French dishes.

If you have any requests on how to turn your favorite French recipe into a vegetarian based dish, please do not hesitate to write me at  I would be happy to help.


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