Roasted Duck

So many people think that duck is greasy and gamey.  This dish is neither. When preparing to roast a duck, think of the person or people for whom you plan to cook it.  They are worth the eight extra minutes of added prep, aren’t they?  Thinking of how much you love someone while preparing their meal turns the simple science of cooking into an act of devotion.


1 fresh duck, rinsed with innards removed

2 granny smith or golden delicious apples, cut into quarters

two large onions, sliced

salt and pepper

Preheat the over to 400 F.

With a large knife, carefully three slits into each duck breast.  Cut just the top, fatty layer, leaving the meat untouched.  Next, with a meat carving fork, poke holes into the entire carcass.  This will leave room for the grease to drain as well as baste the duck.

Next, fill the cavity of the bird with all of the quartered apples and some of the sliced onions.  The apples and onions will steam the meat from the inside, getting rid of any residual gamey flavor.  Rub the entire duck with generous amounts of salt and pepper.

Place the duck in a meat rack inside of a roasting pan.  Put the rest of the sliced onions around the  rack with the duck and put into the preheated over.  Cook for 20 minutes.

Turn the heat down to 350 and roast another 45 minutes.  After the hour is up, pull out the roaster and check to ensure the skin is a golden color.  If crispy and golden, remove from the pan and let it rest 15 minutes before carving.  If the skin is not quite crisp enough, pour the duck fat at the bottom of the pan into a ceramic jar or cup and return the bird to the over to roast another ten minutes.

Note: save the duck fat.  It will keep in the refrigerator for several weeks if it is covered.  It is a key ingredient to making the best fried potatoes!