It wouldn’t be French cooking without something sweet to celebrate a holiday or to indulge when friends make a surprise visit.  While the desserts in this collection are all from our family in one way or another there is s sweet, simple pleasure that I recommend.

Meme, being an orphan by the time she was twelve, lived and worked with her sister in a convent during the Second World War.  As was the routine, children at the school were given a snack in between school and dinner.  Growing up, she continued that same tradition with me.  In turn, I sometimes gave my own children the same treat.

It’s simple.  Take one slice of bread, preferably fresh from your own oven or that of your local bakery.  Spread a bit of soft butter over the slice.  Next, place two squares of dark chocolate over half of the slice and fold over.

Too simple, right?  It’s delicious.  When I crave sweet and salt, I will sometimes return to this simple little snack and remember coming in from hanging out the laundry as a child.  The salty, creamy butter is the perfect compliment to the sweet and bitter chocolate.  Forget the processed candy bars and try this sweet little French tradition.