French food is often thought to be heavy or pretentious.  It is neither.  Fresh, full of flavor and surprisingly healthy, my family and I have been cooking French food for generations together.  It’s what brings life to the table, gathers family and friends together and makes the memories we cherish.


There is something lost when we don’t cook together.  So much of our lives have become about what is convenient instead of what is good.  Really good.  While everybody orders a pizza now and again, it is my sincere hope that in the process of making a soup, you teach your son or daughter how to slice an onion, grate carrots, peel a potato and have a whole lot of conversation while doing so.

when friends arrive for dinner, let them help finish a dish.  Catch up while making a temperance to go with the crackers and wine.  Many people have asked me to share my recipes over the years.  The longer I write as a food and travel columnist for SEARCH magazine and visit chefs and cooks all over the world, the more I see that food is powerful.  Please visit this site often as I will add to it with Meme’s recipes, things I learn in my travels and cooking of my own.