Holding on and Letting Go


It’s been a while since I’ve written here at my Oui Michele site.  Life takes many different turns.  From the last post to today’s, a grandchild has come to live part-time with us, I’ve written two novels, I’ve opened a music studio and I’ve taken a job in a Montessori teaching French and Music.  Whew!

Just this past month, the woman who inspired me to cook (and create this website) has left us.  While my heart is broken, my Meme has passed away.  I try to imagine her cooking with all of her family and friends like she did when I was small.  The girlfriends are giggling as they sip Dubonnet and have the greatest catch-up.  I can just see my Papa kissing her as he half laughs and half cries; reunited with the love of his life.

I remind myself that I was so very lucky to know her and love her and learn from her.  Now it’s my turn.  While I will never be able to meet the gold standard she set, I’m a grandmother and each day I hope to make a positive impact on the people in my life; particularly my grandson.

So let’s get cooking!!

Stay tuned each week as I add to the site as well as share some new recipes that I’ve created.  Please be patient with me.  I’m also writing and recording a romantic adventure podcast and teaching music (Agent For the Orchestra by M. M. Genet, my penname).

But I’m back.  I need to cook.  I need to remember.  I need to pass on her way to the next generation.

All my love,




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