A Woman I Called Meme

It all started with a woman whom I called Meme….

“Meme” is an endearing name to call someone grandma in French.  Since she raised me up to the age of five, it also served as a very close proxy for the name “Mama” and who was I to argue over small details at five?

Often, when I was cooking with Meme, should would help me to practice my French.  I would stumble to piece together the French words into phrases to finally ask a question.  She would gently reply with a smirk on her face, “Oui, Michele.”

We forged a lasting bond through simple acts of cooking in the kitchen; dishes I still make today.  Many friends have asked me to share her recipes or my more modern variations.  This blog and site are the answer to those numerous requests.  It is my sincere hope that by sharing her love for French cooking, she might live on in the smiles that these dishes bring to those who savor each bite.