IMG_1271 The lovely woman in blue, Lucienne, is the matriarch of our family.  An orphan by age twelve during WWII, she and her sister earned their keep cooking and working as maids in a convent. The recipes she learned in a Brittany convent became the centerpiece for bringing family and friends together for decades.  She was more than a cook.  She was an inspiration.

While every child who has ever stood in her kitchen has been taught the proper way to peel a potato or snip parsley, her dedication to fresh food, cooked daily paved the way for some of us to pursue food and cooking as a life long vocation.

IMG_0458 I now write a food and travel column for SEARCH magazine and my daughter Libby graduated from Cordon Bleu and is now a chef in Seattle, Washington.  Nearly every member of our family can produce one of her dishes from memory.

For years, people have asked us to share the recipes for dishes we have enjoyed all together.  It has taken a long time, but the pages of this site are dedicated to that sole purpose.  I hope it brings as much joy and laughter to your table as it has to ours.


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